Bulbs, 2014.


Kingston MA Fashion Show

Kingston MA Fashion Show, event, floral installation / decoration

Arch 2008

Arch 2008 by Rebecca Louise Law

Orb 2010

Orb 2010, Land Art & Community projects

Dried Roses 2013


The Flower Garden Display’d 2014


RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Roses 2013

Roses, flowers, floral art, London, Rebecca Law

Prometheus 2012

Secret Cinema 2012 - Rebecca Louise Law - Floral sculptor

Valentines 2012

Valentines, Tom Hartford, flowers, floral art, Rebecca Law

Drying Roses 2011

Drying Roses 2011 project, floral art

St David’s Day 2011

St David's, flag, flowers, floral art, Rebecca Law

Sunday Shoots 2011

Sunday Shoot, Seamus Ryan, floral art, photography, flowers, Rebecca Law

The Curtain 2011

The Curtain 2011 project, floral art

Cement Mixer 2010

Cement Mixer, floral art by Rebecca Law

Chandelier 2010

Chandelier 2010 project, floral art

Ilex Orb 2010

Ilex Orb 2010 project, floral art

The Flower Tree 2010

Flower tree 2010 project, floral art

Daisy Field 2009

Daisy field, flowers, floral art, London, Rebecca Law

Birthday Chair 2004

Birthday Chair 2004 project, floral art.

Dahlia Mirror 2003

Dahlia Mirror 2003, floral art

Dahlia Sink 2003

Dahlia Sink 2003, floral art

Dahlia 2003

Dahlia, floral art, flowers, Rebecca Law

Dahlia’s falling 2010

Dahlia's Falling 2010 project, floral art

Apple Cherry Blossom 2010

Apple cherry blossom 2010 project, floral art.

Degree Show 2004

Degree show 2004 project, floral art.