The Iris, 2017


A site specific installation entitled The Iris will be exhibited at Now Gallery from 3rd March – 7th May 2017. Referencing the history of the Greenwich Peninsula as a fertile marshland, the artwork will envelop the viewer in nature, a rare experience within the modern metropolis.

Image: Charles Emerson.

Pride, 2017


To honour Aarhus as Capital of Culture for 2017, Law’s debut exhibition in Denmark will showcase a series of prints, sculpture and installation artwork at the Skovgaard Museum until 28th May 2017.

The solo exhibition entitled Pride, will feature a site specific installation, enveloping one of four historic rooms at the Skovgaard Museum, alongside a series of sculpture and prints. Touching upon the Vanitas tradition, the exhibition will comment upon the ephemerality of nature and challenge the natural progression of decay.

The City Garden, 2016


A site specific installation of natural materials inspired by gardens within the City of London at The City Centre. Exhibition extended until 28th February 2017.