Intertwine, 2017


‘Intertwine’ will be exhibited at Chandran Gallery, San Francisco from December 1st – February 2nd 2018. The piece has been created using every preserved installation from Law’s personal collection. A combination of artworks from over the past decade has been entwined together and suspended as one sculptural piece. Every section has a history, with some flowers used multiple times exhibiting in America, Europe and Asia. Educating the viewer in the material value of the flower as a considered sculptural material has led to Law creating a ‘no waste’ policy with every installation preserved and stored until a new artwork arises. This cycle of creating has been split into three stages, installation, preservation and encased. This installation is an example of preservation before the final process of encasing.

A series of encased artworks will also be exhibited, please contact for more information.

Life in Death, 2017


An interactive artwork entitled ‘Life in Death’ comprised of 1000 garlands of preserved flowers, inspired by the ancient Egyptian funeral garlands of Ramesses II held within the Economic Botany collection at Kew will be exhibited at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery from October 7th – 11th March 2018.