Life in Death


‘Life in Death’ was directly inspired by Law’s visits to the Economic Botany Collection at Kew, which holds samples of historic artefacts and everyday objects made from a huge variety of plant specimens. The collection includes Ancient Egyptian funerary garlands dating from 1700BC which formed Law’s primary inspiration for the piece. The garlands were exhibited alongside the installation which contained 375,000 individual elements.

Rebecca Louise Law:

“I am honoured to be creating an installation that takes its inspiration from The Shirley Sherwood Collection, Herbarium and Economic Botany Collection, showcasing the wonder of the flower and it’s material properties. This artwork ’Life in Death’ will allow the viewer to interact with nature without the constraints of time by delaying decay and extending the flowers material value. Every flower will be dried, preserved and entwined with suspended copper wire creating a physical journey through flowers beyond fresh and preserving life within death”

Images: Kim Ross, Richard Todd