Location: La Roche Jagu, France
Exhibited: 11th May - 6th October
Year: 2019

This installation makes reference to medieval banquets and the physical sensation of participating in a feast. Playing with the fantasy of the banquet through flowers, the artwork looks at the extreme sensual experience of sitting in a banqueting hall consumed by nature. Rebecca has been inspired by the original architecture and intention for the space designed by Catherine de Troguindy in the 15th century. The feminine touches to this Chateau combined with its beautiful gardens has inspired an artwork that will take the viewer back to the past whilst projecting them into a contemporary, fantastical and sensational space. Using a collection of flora, home grown on french soil in Normandy, Rebecca collected materials as close to the medieval flora as possible. This installation holds over 15,000 flora combined with copper wire.

Images © Julien Mota & Richard Todd