The Journey


Location: Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, USA
Exhibited: 30th July 2021 - 9th January 2022


Our Journey together with nature is fragile.
Living is a gift.
Time is a gift.
Anxiety is real.
Sickness is real.
It is time to heal.
Both nature and ourselves.
Time to be a community.
To heal together.
Take away the mirror.
Put down the phone.
It’s time to be present.


The Journey is a timely invitation to immerse ourselves in nature’s abundant splendor and soak in its awe-inspiring beauty,” – Andrea Barnwell Brownlee, Ph.D., the Museum’s George W. and Kathleen I.


“This installation explores the momentum of life. From the second we are formed in cells we are moving and changing, within a world that is also evolving. The motion of walking through nature and witnessing its many forms from life to death. This rhythmic cycle that we are all participants of, fascinates me. This installation will be a short journey through nature, with its many forms and scents, stimulating the senses to the extreme.” – Rebecca Louise Law


Images courtesy of photographer Doug Eng