Location: Chiesa di San Tiburzio, Parma, Italy
Exhibited: 21st March 2020 - 19th December 2020

Florilegium is a solo exhibition curated by OTTN Projects as part of ‘Parma Capital of Culture 2020’

From cuisine, to perfume and pharmaceuticals Parma has had a huge influence on the world and has used natural resources to create some of the most prevalent products consumed today.

Antica Farmacia, San Filippo Neri, holds a rich history of medicine, general health care and community support, at times the organisation and chapel helped to hold Parma together. The combination of healing natural materials and the hands that carried them around the city has led Rebecca to create a site specific installation that uses the same concepts.

Offering the viewer a natural healing space for the mind and body, the installation will evolve when flowers that have been foraged and pressed by the people of Parma are added at a second stage.