The Womb


Location: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
Exhibited: 20th September 2019 - 1st March 2020


The Womb, an exhibition of new work at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, explores the intimate relationship between humankind and nature. At the heart of the exhibition is an installation offering the viewer a solitary, sublime experience of being enveloped in nature. Accompanying mixed media artworks examine the Womb as a natural cocoon.


The science behind the womb, Gravid Uterus (Latin for pregnant uterus) is incredible and the more I research the more I feel like this is a place I could look at for the rest of my life.  The cells, the organ within an organ, the growth, the flexibility, the sounds, the tones and the nurturing vessels. I wonder if the need to be held by nature starts here.


In recent years, Rebecca Louise Law has explored the idea of the cocoon through a series of paintings of the womb in different stages of producing and sheltering life, from primordial cell to embryo.  This exploration of protective, organic growth embedded in a woman’s body also led her into creating abstract ceramic sculptures that mimic the shape of the placenta.

At Meijer Gardens, Rebecca Louise Law has created an immersive installation working with dozens of volunteers and a team of horticulture staff.  As visitors walk through nearly a million dried flowers, they are invited to make a connection with nature.