Location: Compton Verney Art Gallery & Park, UK
Exhibited: 18th May 2021 - 30th August 2021

Seasons invites you to experience a year in nature. Winding sinuously around the gallery, the installation takes the visitor on an experiential voyage through the year: opening with spring, before looping almost full circle through summer, autumn, and winter. The work is both an end and a beginning, a reflection on the passage of time and a call to action.

The installation is supported by a display of Law’s natural weaves, paintings, sculptures, personal journals, digital diary and short film representing the culmination of a period spent in the UK during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, during which time Law has been immersed in the natural world around her home in Snowdonia.

Also on display is a selection of nature diaries kept by the local community and school groups who have been involved in the creation of the installation.

‘I look back over a year and I see so much frustration and pain. When recording life daily, you look at the micro. Nature becomes a daily saviour, pulling you back to the wonders of the Earth. At times nature has felt insensitive. Nature did not care about what was happening in the world. It carried on as well as it could. The most emotionally painful days were the hardest entries. I have learnt about the rhythm of nature and our vital connection to the Earth…’

Rebecca Louise Law


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Stills 1 – 5 from the film Rebecca Louise Law: Seasons by Mark Jones

Images 6 & 7 courtesy of photographer Jamie Woodley